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Moving with a New Baby

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Moving with a New Baby

Why Is Packing And Crating Important In An Industrial Environment?

by Byron Matthews

When shipping out different products commonly used in industrial environments, such as heavy-duty equipment that can weigh thousands of pounds, securing those items to the best of your ability before they end up in transit is an absolute must. For that reason, industrial packing and crating are among the most critical steps in the shipping process.

What Can Packing and Crating Do for Industrial Items?

Much like you would expect to receive a taped and padded package when receiving an online order for anything, such as clothes, home goods, or even children's toys, industrial items must be stored correctly to arrive in the best condition. If not, a lot can happen to these items in transit, including irreversible, costly damage that could prevent heavy-duty equipment and other industrial products from working efficiently. When the equipment doesn't work right, it becomes a waste of money for the industrial warehouse owners who've invested in it and need it to complete specific tasks each day.

Packing and crating materials offer the extra protection these large, bulky items often need to remain in good condition, even if they're in transit for days. Some of the types of materials commonly used to pack and crate industrial items include:

  • Shrink Wrap: It's common to see shrink wrap used as a packing material on heavy-duty equipment. It's a top choice in industrial environments because it's versatile, affordable, and works well at preventing dirt from getting on the different items that are getting shipped out. You can also stretch the shrink wrap and add as many layers as you see fit.
  • Wooden Crates: In some cases, wooden crates are used to protect the items and keep them from shifting from one spot to another while in transit, primarily when a large truck transports these items and can drive over bumpy roads.
  • Metal Crates: Aside from wooden crates, metal crates are another option. Some people like metal crates better for packing and crating because they're strong, durable, and less likely to break or become damaged in transit.

Individuals can protect their heavy-duty equipment and other industrial products using materials like these to ensure they remain in excellent condition while transported from one place to the next. If you need to move different industrial items from one facility to another, be sure to use the proper packing and crating materials so that the equipment and materials you're shipping arrive in impeccable condition.

For more information on packing and crating, contact a professional near you.