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Moving with a New Baby

Are you the busy parent of a new baby? Perhaps, in addition to having a little one, you’re also planning a sudden move. If you can relate to this situation, consider hiring a reputable moving company to help you during this stressful time. A professional moving company can pack your things, load them in a moving van, and transport them to your new location. While your moving company completes all of these tasks, you can do what you do best. You can take care of your baby. On this blog, I hope you will discover the amazing advantages of hiring a moving company to assist you during a sudden, unplanned move. Enjoy!




Moving with a New Baby

3 BIG Reasons To Rent A Storage Unit When Moving Into A Tiny Home

by Byron Matthews

From the coasts of California to the shores of Virginia, and every state in between, tiny homes are popping up all over the map. It seems there are a lot of people interested in transitioning to a more simplified lifestyle in which they are not weighed down by a bunch of stuff, and the costs associated with owning a spacious living abode. If this is an idea you are toying with and have decided it is the right move for you, one of the first things you should do is rent a storage unit. Sound crazy? Actually, renting a storage unit to use during your transition from a normal sized house into a tiny home is a logical move. Here's a look at why.

Having a storage unit will give you more time to decide what goes and what stays.

Sifting through all of your belongings to determine what you should take with you to your new tiny life can be a long process. Plus, you may not know exactly how much space you will have until you actually get into the tiny home. By renting a storage unit, you can place the belongings inside that you will need to sort through later to determine what goes and what stays.

Having a storage unit rented will give you space for items you plan to sell.

For the most parts, the stuff you have in your home now and plan to get rid of can either be sold or donated. But unless you have a lot of time before the move, it can be hard to get rid of everything you want to get rid of. Having a storage unit means you can stash away the valuable items you wish to sell until you can find an interested buyer.

Having a storage unit can make the transition a little less overwhelming.

Think about the last time you moved. If you are like most people, your move meant packing up box after box of belongings and transporting several loads of furniture and household items. Now think about trying to downsize all of that in such a drastic way that you can fit it into your new tiny home. This whole idea can be daunting, and some who choose this lifestyle initially experience a bit of panic. If you have a storage unit, it makes it easier to slowly let go of some of those items you have been used to keeping around.

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