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Moving with a New Baby

Are you the busy parent of a new baby? Perhaps, in addition to having a little one, you’re also planning a sudden move. If you can relate to this situation, consider hiring a reputable moving company to help you during this stressful time. A professional moving company can pack your things, load them in a moving van, and transport them to your new location. While your moving company completes all of these tasks, you can do what you do best. You can take care of your baby. On this blog, I hope you will discover the amazing advantages of hiring a moving company to assist you during a sudden, unplanned move. Enjoy!




Moving with a New Baby

Considerations When Choosing What To Pack For Movers And What To Take With You

by Byron Matthews

If you are moving across the country and dividing your goods between movers and a few boxes in your car, you need to be very careful about which items go with whom. You need to carry the obvious with you: a few days' worth of clothing, any perishables in a cooler, and fragile items like your computer. But there are other items that might not do so well in a moving van, and if at all possible, squeezing them into your car would be better.

Climate Control

Moving trucks are not air-conditioned. If you're moving in hot weather, items like candles, old videotapes and records, and CDs can be damaged unless packed very, very well with insulation. Stick these in your car if possible; if not, wrap candles in their own sealed boxes (preferably a series of sealed plastic bags within a dedicated box), and put CDs and tapes in the center of boxes surrounded by lots of packing paper as insulation. If you're moving at a truly hot time, you might consider packing those items separately and mailing them via an overnight delivery service that will hold the packages for you until you reach your destination.


Some items are irreplaceable in the sense that they are priceless, and others are irreplaceable in the sense that you have no other copies of them. Try to pack your files in your car, but if you can't, try to scan them all (that can be a big undertaking, but so can trying to replace all of these papers if lost) so that if the hard copies are lost, you still have electronic copies. In fact, you may want to scan all your older files and have the paper ones shredded.

Fake Plants

Real plants can't go with movers; if you're sure the real plant is allowed in the new state and not banned by that state's agricultural-import laws, it either has to go in your car or not go at all. But fake plants, like silk ones, are another matter. Their issue is that they're fragile and easily crushed. If the plant is small, try to take it with you. If it's large, wrap it carefully in bubble wrap, taking care to keep the leaves flat. Try to surround the wrapped plant with more cardboard; tape that up for support. Then try to create a custom box for the plant. So you'll have a layer of bubble wrap, an inner shield of cardboard, and then the outer box.

If you have more questions about packing strange or fragile items, contact moving companies to discuss requirements. You're not the only one who has ever had to move these, so moving companies should be able to give you pointers.