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Moving with a New Baby

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Moving with a New Baby

3 Tips For Preparing Your Baby's Belongings For Storage

by Byron Matthews

As your baby outgrows his or her belongings, it might be tempting to toss or donate the items. However, if you are planning to have another child in the future, keeping the items could help you save on future expenses. Storing the items takes more than putting the items in a cardboard boxes and taping them. You need to carefully prepare them. If you are going to put the items in a self-storage unit, here are just a few ways you can prepare and pack them.  

Assess the Belongings

Before you can start the process of packing up your baby's belongings, take the time to evaluate the worthiness of each item. Chances are, there are some clothes, toys, or equipment that can be tossed because they are not worth keeping. Storing them will only take up storage space you need for other items.  

During your evaluations, you also need to do a quick safety check on all toys and equipment. For instance, you can check the car seat to determine if there is a recall or other safety concerns. If so, you can get rid of it before heading to storage.  

Clean the Items

Take the time to clean and sanitize every item before storage. Any items that have batteries should have them removed before cleaning. To save time, you can clean the toys and equipment with sanitizing wipes. Toys or equipment with power cables should be taped to the side to prevent damage once it is placed in storage.  

When you wash the baby's clothing, skip the fragrant laundry detergents and fabric softeners. The odors will attract bugs. The clothing can be placed in vacuum-sealed bags once they are dry and folded. To keep track of them, place the bags into a large plastic bin. You can stack the bins in the storage unit.  

Disassemble Furniture

Baby furniture, such as the crib and changing table, should be disassembled before storing it. If you have the original packaging, you can store the items in them. However, if you do not, find a box that will fit the parts.  

You also need a separate box that you can be used to store the screws, bolts, and other small pieces that come from the furniture. Separate the pieces into storage bags and label them to ensure you know which items belong to each item.  

Talk to a storage facility like Stor-King to learn of other steps you can take to guarantee the safety of the baby items you store.